The next powwow

Saturday August 12th, 2023

Outdoor powwow set in the beautiful Danish countryside. The powwow is on Saturday, but you are welcome to arrive on Friday for a cosy afternoon and evening start-up. 

Grand Entry
Saturday at 12.30.

Outdoor location:

Krogdalsvej 10,
8660 Skanderborg
(South of Aarhus).

Nearest train stations:
Skanderborg Station (6 km).
Nearest airport: Billund BLL.
Airport Bus stops at Skanderborg Station.

Sleep-over in your own tent or tipi or borrow a bed.


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Denmark's outdoor powwow is held in August and the location is set in the beautiful countryside of Eastern Jutland. 

The Aarhus Powwow is organized by the Aarhus Powwow Committee with support from a large number of volunteers, who lend a helping hand. 

Put simply, a powwow is a Native American dance event held today in USA and Canada. Originally powwows were mostly held outdoors, but nowadays it's quite common to organize indoor powwows. After a few years of making an indoor powwow because of the changing weather, the Aarhus Powwow moved to beautiful outdoor surroundings at Eagleroad.

At the powwow, the dancers dance in Native American dance regalia, carefully crafted according to contemporary Native American tradition. So there is no room for neither "Toys 'R' Us indians" nor pure imagination. We respectfully strive to show elements of another culture, and therefore part of the framework is given beforehand.

Over the years, we have had many visitors and dancers at the powwow, also from abroad. These include not only Swedes, Germans, Brits, Ameri-
cans, Czechs, etc., but also Native Americans, both living in Denmark/Europe and from "over there".

It has always been a pleasure that the peoples themselves we try to represent by showing their culture want to join us, and generally they have expressed their satisfaction with our event.



Pictures are now available - click here.
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